Travel Health- Useful Medical Information For Good Health.

Travel Health- Useful Medical Information For Good Health.

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The ailments mostly seen in travelers are diarrhea, malaria (in case you journey in a malaria-infested space), accidents (when traveling by car or swimming), wound infections and sexually transmitted ailments.

– Diarrhea is caused by contaminated food and drinking water. You must, therefore, be careful if you are traveling in poor hygiene conditions.

– In order to forestall accidents throughout traveling, it is clever to use identical precautions as these taken at a house. In addition, it is essential that everyone wound ought to be totally disinfected with the intention to keep away from an infection.

– Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes, so the very first thing to do is to guard your self towards these mosquitoes.

* TRAVELLER’S Diarrhea

Many intestinal infections are attributable to infections picked up by mouth or arms. With a little bit of care, most of those diseases could be prevented. Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, polio and cholera nonetheless happen in international locations with poor hygiene, however, these ailments are simply prevented.

However, the chance is large that you will still contract a light and/or nondangerous form of traveler’s diarrhea. Traveler’s diarrhea always spontaneously clears up after a couple of days, however, can nonetheless be irritating. And a danger to your general and journey health.

In the primary place, measures should be taken towards dehydration. Likewise, a remedy of the signs should be thought of with the intention to scale back the variety of bowel actions and relieve different signs akin to fever, vomiting and abdomen cramps. Sometimes a more serious form of diarrhea occurs, for which specific treatment with antibiotics is indicated or where hospitalization or fluid replacement appears unavoidable.

– raw vegetables and fruits that you’ve not peeled yourself
– uncooked or unpasteurized dairy products
– insufficiently cooked sea meals (+ Hepatitis A !) and meat
– “local meals” which don’t scent contemporary
– ice-cream purchased from road retailers (industrial ice straight from the deep-freeze might be secure).

It takes only a few basic preventive measures to make your trip successful: Total prevention of traveler’s diarrhea is impossible and it’s obvious that preventive measures can never be strictly adopted at all times. But following preventive measures do significantly reduce the risk of contracting serious diarrhea: In order to maintain nice travel health wash your hands before eating and avoid (if possible):

it’s very important to disinfect drinking-water on adventure trips. Total sterilization of drinking water is impossible. The following measures significantly scale back the contamination threat and safeguard your journey health:

Cooked meals ought to be served scorching. The place you eat can be vital. A meal taken from a stall presents a larger threat than a meal taken in a restaurant. Avoid eating places the place there are loads of bugs.
Avoid faucet water and ice-cubes. Bottled water and tender drinks are secure. Watch out for bottle caps which have already been used.

– Boiling the water could be very efficient.
– A nice alternative is a chemical disinfection with chlorine drops (e.g. Hadex?, Drinkwell chloor?; accessible in sport outlets specialized in outside actions) or chlorine tablets (Certisil Combina?; chloramine tablets; accessible on the pharmacy). Their impact could be improved by first filtering unclear water. Silver salts (Micropur?, Certisil Argento?) should not very appropriate to disinfect water, however, they hold disinfected water germ-free for a very long time.

For adventurous travelers acutely aware to journey health it is best to purchase a conveyable water-filter. The use of antibiotics with the intention to forestall diarrhea earlier than it happens could be harmful + Also using different preventive medicines will not be advisable.

. How to deal with diarrhea?

it is essential to eat enough liquid and salt with the intention to forestall dehydration. You can do that by taking salt options, however tea with lemon, broth, tender drinks, and fruit juice, supplemented with salt crackers are tastier. Commercial salt merchandise can be found available on the market (ORS-solution).


Antibiotics are indicated :

Taking an anti-diarrhea preparation (loperamide, e.g. Imodium?) can significantly scale back the variety of bowel actions, with a substantial discount of the complaints because of this. Imodium? might solely be utilized by adults and older youngsters and just for treating extraordinary watery diarrhea: 1 capsule after each free motion as much as a most of 4 per day.

1. If blood, mucus or pus are present within the stools.
2. If after 24 to 48 hours, there isn’t a signal of enhancement and the diarrhea is accompanied by fever (above 38.5 C) or extreme stomach cramps, or if there are over six stools per 24 hours and when these additionally happen at night time.
3. Or if due to journey circumstances a faster answer is totally fascinating. Appropriate antibiotics are solely for use on a physician’s prescription


Casual sexual contacts are usually greater whereas on vacation overseas. Sexually transmitted ailments, significantly AIDS, kind due to this fact a vital threat for travelers. typically unintentional and unsafe sexual contact takes place below the alcohol effect. Prevention whereas on vacation overseas isn’t any totally different from the precautions you’re taking at a house. Adequate use of a condom, ideally purchased at a house, is totally essential. Only a water-soluble lubricant ought to be used, but it surely solely provides a partial assure (e.g. KY gel). Vaccination towards hepatitis B is suggested. Always seek the advice of your physician in case you reckon you are in danger, even when there are not any signs.


* MALARIA (swamp fever, malaria)

The signs embrace assaults of fever, however, can initially be much like influenza. If sufficient remedy will not be started in time, an assault might typically end in loss of life inside a couple of days.

Malaria is an infectious illness brought on by a parasite (known as Plasmodium) transmitted by the chew of the Anopheles mosquito. there are two several types of which Malaria falciparum is essentially the most harmful and essentially the most widespread. The incubation interval – the time between an infecting chew and the looks of the illness – varies from ten days to 2 weeks (hardly ever a number of months).

Malaria solely happens in these areas wherein Anopheles mosquitoes are present: within the tropics and in a lot of subtropical areas. From a height of 1.500 to 2.500 m onwards, relying on temperature and local weather, Anopheles mosquitoes are both uncommon or non-existent.

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. Where does malaria happen?

Risk additionally exists within the suburbs of the large cities in Asia (e.g. in India). In a couple of areas, the danger varies in keeping with the season.

In most massive cities there may be little or no threat in any respect of infection, besides in Africa the place an actual threat exists.

. How can malaria be prevented?

it is essential for journey health to keep away from mosquito bites: the Anopheles mosquito solely bites between nightfall and daybreak, is small and never very makes any noise.

Non containing DEET repellents have been much less examined; Autan-Active. and Mosegor. are nevertheless wonderful secure merchandise.

– In the night put on light-colored clothes which covers your legs and arms as a lot as potential. Apply repellent cream with a DEET foundation (20 to 50%, for kids and pregnant women ideally 20 to 30%) to the uncovered elements of your body. Repeat this each two to 6 hours (it will not defend you all night time).

If these measures are carried out accurately, the danger of malaria can be lowered by 80 to 90% and journey health is maintained

– Sleep in rooms that go away no entry to mosquitoes, (mosquito nets on the sills, electrically-warmed anti-mosquito plates, air-conditioning) or sleep below a mosquito web impregnated with permethrin or deltamethrin hung over the mattress with the perimeters tucked below the mattress.

. The consumption of capsules as prevention

there isn’t a drug environment-friendly to forestall malaria 100%, which implies that typically a mix of measures is preferable. Also, the medicine used has modified over the years. Moreover, the benefits and drawbacks of medication ought to be thought of towards the danger of malaria infection. These dangers are depending on the visited nation, and on the area, the season, the period of your keep and the form of a journey.

Therefore it is the physician who can finest resolve for every particular person which drug to make use of. This explains why people from the identical group might find yourself taking a totally different medicine.

Some folks could be troubled by the negative effects whereas taking antimalarial medicine. These are often gentle and should not all the time a motive to cease taking the capsules. Sometimes it may be necessary to alter to another type of medication due to intestinal problems, allergic reactions or other intolerance symptoms.

Finally, as no drug is 100% effective in preventing malaria, it’s important that if an attack of fever occurs in the first three months after your return from the tropics, malaria an infection ought to be thought of as a chance regardless of the right use of the drug prescribed.

However, it’s reassuring to know that malaria, provided it is recognized in time, is easy to treat without any danger of recurrent attacks. The perception that “once malaria always malaria” is unfaithful.

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