The new Yanny vs Laurel? Sure sounds like Grover dropped the F-bomb on Sesame Street


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If you’re under the age of 50, there’s a pretty good chance you watched Sesame Street as a kid and/or have kids that did too. The award-winning kids’ show is a beloved staple of children’s television, so it’s no surprise that people were shocked to hear the F-word (specifically, “f*ckin’”) come out of one of the character’s mouths.

Yup, Grover the fuzzy blue monster said the F-word—or at least it sounded like he did—and Twitter had a field day. Have a listen:

Can you hear it?

Sesame Street has been doing parodies of more adult-appropriate TV series in recent years, but they would obviously never allow one of their characters to swear. A man tries to work on a laptop while his daughter grabs his faceAdvice from a dad who swears too muchHowever, like the Yanny vs Laurel audio clip that went viral in May 2018 and The Dress that did the same in 2015, people are having two very different experiences when they watch this clip. Some people hear “That’s a f*ckin’ excellent idea!” but in reality, he’s saying “That sounds like an excellent idea!”

If you’re worried about your kids picking up on this weird phenomenon, don’t worry too much. It seems that most people only hear the F-word if they’re specifically listening for it, so unless your kids already know the word and are trying to hear him say it, chances are pretty low that they’ll even notice anything wrong.

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