Am I the Man I Hoped to Be?



There is a proverb in my place which roughly translate to mean ‘when you grow up, you will discover why your dad couldn’t achieve some certain goals you’d expected of him.

I grow up telling anybody that cares to listen that I would be a millionaire by age 30. I strongly believed that 30 years was the maximum. There was no other option, I would be a millionaire before or at 30… case closed!

Many years later, now in my mid thirties, I suddenly realized that I have missed my prediction – I am not yet a millionaire!

The worst part of it was that I so lost focus that I didn’t even realized when I got to 30 years that I have missed my target.

I strongly believe that loss of focus may have contributed to my missed deadline. Nevertheless, thinking of it, I have always been a hard hustler, never relenting in my zeal to create a better life for myself.

But the question that keeps bugging my mind is “What happened to me and my dreams, how did I forget that I was supposed to be a millionaire by age 30?”

I guess I can come up with a thousand excuses if I want to. I got married before 30 and  had my first kid, had some misfortune in business and lost a lot of money – even got into debt; I lost money in forex, I was …

There are always reasons or/and possible excuses for our failures either in life, business, marriage and even our personal health such as being obese.

According to a Goal Setting Theory Conditions, ‘There are essential circumstances that must be met to make goals successful in invoking motivation. These circumstances or mechanisms include:

  • Goal acceptance/goal commitment
  • Goal specificity
  • Goal difficulty, and
  • Feedback on progress toward the goal.

Looking back now, I believed that if I am to base my failure on this theory, then I could easily comprehend why I failed in becoming a millionaire at thirty.

All that said, though I have failed in becoming a millionaire, nonetheless, I believe I am very close to being the man I had hoped to be.

Being the best husband and dad on earth has been one of my major goals while growing up (probably because I never experienced the love of a dad who was always away). While, being far from my financial goals, I have however been able to achieve this very important goal.

I am a very proud husband and daddy to my wife and kids and even though I have my flaws, I can easily rate myself to be a wonderful husband and daddy to my wife and kids. I continually strive to be a better man.

Apart from my goal of being a better man, I have also been able to achieve my dreams of being a writer and an inspirator to the youths.

I am still far from being the total man I hope to be, especially in regards to my dream of achieving financial success, nevertheless, I believe that I am way more than halfway down the road.

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